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Meet The Team

Dr. Karczmar has developed new approaches to functional and anatomic magnetic resonance imaging for over 30 years. He has applied these methods to improve detection and accurate diagnosis of cancer, and monitor cancer response to therapy. A primary focus of his work has been improved detection, evaluation, and understanding of prostate and breast cancer. His research group has done pioneering studies of mouse models of mammary/breast cancer, including the SV40 Tag mouse model.  Serial MRI studies of this model showed for the first time the initiation and development of triple negative breast cancer.  In addition, the Karczmar group’s studies using MRI and X-ray fluorescence microscopy showed for the first time the distribution of contrast media in the micro-environment at various times after injection.  This provides the bases for more realistic pharmacokinetic models, leading to improved diagnostic efficacy.  This pre-clinical research is paralleled by clinical imaging research, including development of improved methods for prostate and breast cancer screening, studies of breast density, and quantitative imaging of breast cancer response to therapy.  Drs. Karczmar and collaborators made pioneering contributions to applications of ultrafast DCEMRI for improved cancer detection. In addition, Drs. Karczmar, Oto, and Chatterjee developed hybrid-multi-dimensional MRI of the prostate, and the use of data from hybrid MRI for virtual pathology of the prostate. 

Dr. Karczmar is Professor of Radiology and Medical Physics at the University of Chicago, and the Director of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research at the University of Chicago, and Co-Director of the Advanced Imaging Program of the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer center. 


Aytekin Oto, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Aytekin Oto, MD, MBA, is an expert in abdominal radiology -- imaging of the liver, pancreas, prostate and bowel. Working with colleagues in medical and surgical subspecialties, he provides optimized patient care for adults with abdominal and pelvic disorders. He has a special interest in imaging of the prostate, magnetic resonance (MR) guided biopsies and MR guided focal therapy.

Dr. Oto is active in clinical research. He has several NIH, federal and industry sponsored research grants focusing on advanced MR techniques for improved prostate cancer diagnosis, MRI-guided prostate cancer ablation and MR-guided high frequency ultrasound ablation of uterine fibroids.

Dr. Oto has given more than 120 presentations and lectures at scientific meetings around the world. An accomplished author, he has published more than 120 articles and has authored numerous book chapters. He also serves as a reviewer for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and several journals, and on the editorial board of the World Journal of Radiology. Dr. Oto is the recipient of many awards and distinctions for his teaching, research and clinical work.

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Gregory S. Karczmar, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Aritrick Chatterjee, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Aritrick Chatterjee is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of QMIS, LLC. Aritrick has a wide range of expertise in medical imaging, especially MRI. His research focuses on the improved diagnosis of prostate cancer using MRI, including the development of new MRI acquisition, analysis and interpretation methods to provide reliable information such as cancer localization, volume, and aggressiveness for deciding the optimal treatment option. 


His work focuses on estimating prostate tissue composition non-invasively using Hybrid Multidimensional MRI (HM-MRI) and developing CAD risk analysis tool that can effectively detect prostate cancer. QMIS, LLC has developed a new MRI method, referred to as ‘MrVIPro’ (MR Virtual Pathology of the Prostate) based on the research work by Drs. Chatterjee, Oto and Karczmar for the analysis of prostate tissue structure at the microscopic level to provide data similar to histology.


Dr. Chatterjee is also a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiology, University of Chicago. He received his PhD from the University of Sydney focusing on understanding the biophysical basis of diffusion in prostate MRI and received his MSc degree from University College London and worked on imaging the microstructure of the brain using oscillating gradients on MRI.


Elle Hill

Chief Marketing Officer

Elle Hill is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of QMIS, LLC. Elle has a wide range of experience in website building, data analysis, and laboratory procedures.

Elle is also a Clinical Research Coordinator for the MRI Research Center at the University of Chicago Medical Center. She received her BS in microbiology with a minor in molecular engineering from the University of Chicago and her Master's in Medical Sciences from Loyola University.

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