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HM-MRI with Prostatectomy

Validated prostate tissue composition measurement using HM-MRI with reference standard quantitative histology results from whole mount prostatectomy

Figure 4 correlation.png
  • No significant difference in prostate tissue composition: stroma (p= 0.29), epithelium (p = 0.18) and lumen (p = 0.54) measured using HM-MRI and whole mount pathology.


  • Excellent correlation (overall = 0.89, stroma = 0.80, epithelium = 0.90, lumen = 0.86, p<0.05) between HM-MRIand whole mount pathology.

hybrid image.png
Figure 2 quantitative histology.png

65 years old patient with Gleason 4+5 cancer in the right peripheral zone

  • Quantitative histology: stroma (green), epithelium (red) and lumen (blue) for ROIs.

  • HM-MRIaccurately measures tissue composition in PCaand normal TZ.

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