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Cross-Vendor Testing of HM-MRI

  • MVP2 was successfully implemented and tested to measure prostate tissue composition non-invasively from multiple MRI vendors.


  • Tested at multiple centers and multiple scanners


  • Philips 3T Achievaand Ingenia (UChicago) using endorectalcoil


  • SiemensSkyra3T (Ingalls Memorial Hospital, Flossmoor, IL) without endorectalcoil


  • HM-MRI metrics (tissue composition) were very similar for Philips and Siemens scanners and similar to those reported in literature.


  • Protocol validated using endorectalcoil or without it.  


  • Cancer is characterized by increased epithelium and reduced lumen in both cohorts with similar diagnostic accuracy (ROC analysis) for diagnosing cancer on Philips (AUC = 0.94-0.99),Siemens (AUC = 0.83-0.98).


  • We are currently validating HM-MRI on GEscanners.

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