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  • PCa showed significantly increased fractional volume of epithelium (48.8±9.2vs 23.2±7.1) and reduced fractional volumes of lumen (14.0±5.2 vs 26.4±14.1%) and stroma (37.2±9.1 vs 50.5±15.7%) compared to normal prostate tissue.


  • Correlation with Gleason score: Volumes of tissue components (Epithelium: 0.652, Stroma: -0.439, Lumen: ρ = -0.390) show significantly higher correlation with Gleason score compared to T2 (-0.292) and ADC (-0.315).


  • Improved diagnostic accuracy (ROC analysis for differentiating PCa from normal prostate):  Epithelium (0.991),Lumen (0.800), Stroma volume (0.789).

HM-MRI Results

60 years old patient  with Gleason 4+5 cancer in right PZ identified by HM-MRI

Transition zone: false positives based on mpMRI, whereas HM-MRIshows no false-positives

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